September 06th to 08th, 2018
Centro Fecomercio de Eventos | São Paulo

Welcome Message

It is a great pleasure to invite you for the IV ABCF Congress that will be held at the Centro Fecomercio de Eventos, São Paulo (SP, Brazil), from September 06-08-2018, hosted by the Brazilian Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
English is the official language of the congress.
To celebrate the ABCF’s 15th anniversary the IV ABCF Congress organizing and scientific committees are designing a versatile scientific program around the current and exciting theme of Biological Drugs: From Technologies to Pharmaceutical Care. The congress scientific program certainly will attract scientists from all areas of pharmaceutical sciences, from academia to industry and regulatory bodies. The thematic symposia and conferences will focus on hot topics in pharmaceutical sciences and we hope the Congress encourages scientific exchange, networking and collaborative discovery.
The Congress activities also include mini-courses and poster sessions, besides the oral presentations of the finalists of the third edition of the ABCF Young Investigator Award, which distinguish the best graduate student work submitted to the event.
In this Congress web site ( you will find all the announcements, including the deadlines for abstract submissions and meeting registration. Updates will be posted regularly from now to the beginning of the congress.
We hope to see you all in our ABCF Congress 2018 in São Paulo!

Teresa Dalla Costa
President ABCF

The Congress Organizing and Scientific Committees are designing a versatile program with an emphasis on the latest discoveries and developments in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, with a special focus on Biological Drugs: from Technologies to Pharmaceutical Care. Biopharmaceutical medications, commonly referred to as biologics, are a rapidly growing sector of specialty drugs. Likewise, raising awareness among pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists of their role in public health, good pharmacy practice and patient safety are of great importance. In this Congress, experts will discuss the potential of innovation of biological and biosimilar drugs to expand the frontiers of health area, but also the care to be taken in its implementation. We hope the Congress will encourage scientific exchange, collaborative discovery, innovation, and networking to increase the visibility of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and educators. This international congress is the ideal place for academics, students and professionals to discuss the soundest issues related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health care including the possible partnership to establish collaborations between scientists and entrepreneurs. In addition, there will be discussion about teaching in undergraduate and graduate pharmaceutical sciences and the future of our area in Brazil and the world. This congress actively promotes the innovation, pharmaceutical progress and basic support for the development of new drugs, based on the pillars of sustainable growth path. We must think and work together on the ways that our area needs to take in front of the new challenges imposed by automation and new fields to be explored to create a better future for humanity. We live in an age in which technology is moving at a fast pace, creating new fields and disrupting existing models and processes. Keeping abreast of new innovations in the pharmaceutical area can be extremely beneficial, helping you to adapt to change, seize new opportunities, and focus on developing the skills you will need in the future.
The Congress activities will include conferences, thematic sections, mini-courses, and the presentations of the third edition of ABCF Young Investigator Award. The program also features interactive Coordinated Sections, with invited oral presentations of the most outstanding and stimulating abstract submissions, and Poster Sessions to optimize discussion and exchange of ideas. We encourage you to submit your research abstract for presentation at the IV ABCF Congress.

Maria José Soares Mendes Giannini
President Congress


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Importante Dates

JUL | 01
Abstract Submission deadline
SEP | 06
First Congress day


Centro Fecomercio de Eventos
R. Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP, 01313-020
+ 55 (11) 3254-1700